2024 Fellow

AJ Schaerer
TACT (Trans Advocacy & Care Team)


Personal Bio

AJ Schaerer (he/they) knows being trans can be a beautiful and transformative journey, an unfolding of self that deepens connection and intimacy. Their lived experience as a transmasculine and nonbinary person has taught them that authenticity is a courageous act—one that can bring you closer to yourself and your community.

AJ believes trans joy and gender congruence are tangible possibilities for every trans person. They founded the Trans Advocacy & Care Team (TACT) in 2021 because of their commitment to foster a world where trans individuals can thrive and feel a sense of belonging.

As a trans advocate, educator, and community organizer, AJ uses a trauma-informed lens and an emphasis on transformative justice practices to facilitate trans healing, wellbeing, and joy.

Project Description

The Trans Advocacy & Care Team (TACT) is building a virtual network of peer support for trans and nonbinary individuals across the U.S. We champion trans wellbeing by providing free peer counseling, support groups, and resource navigation.

Isolation, stigma, lack of support networks, and barriers to care prevent many trans folks from accessing joy and safety. Though often conflated in mainstream narratives, we believe suffering is not an inherent part of the trans experience. We know that trans folks can live vibrant, happy lives when they have the support and connection they need. Our peer-counseling program seeks to improve trans individuals' overall wellbeing by increasing a sense of belonging and connectedness while reducing isolation and barriers to care.