2021 Fellow

Aly Murray


Personal Bio

Aly Murray is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of UPchieve, an edtech nonprofit helping low-income students access live academic support any time they need it. She’s a proud Latina, math nerd, and community college grad. After earning an associate’s degree, Aly transferred to the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Mathematics. Her personal experience as a low-income student drives her to fight for educational equity and work towards a world in which all students have an equal opportunity to achieve upward mobility. In her free time, Aly volunteers as a tutor on UPchieve and as a college coach with Breakthrough New York to help other low-income students succeed.

Project Description

UPchieve is the first and only edtech nonprofit leveraging technology to provide low-income students in the U.S. with free, on-demand tutoring and college counseling. Eligible students can use UPchieve’s online platform to request help and get paired with a certified volunteer in just a few minutes. UPchieve is available 24/7 from any device and currently offers 13 help topics spanning math tutoring, science tutoring, and college counseling. So far, UPchieve has matched over 5,000 requests for on-demand support from students across 48 states. UPchieve’s long-term vision is to democratize access to academic support and ensure more low-income students achieve upward mobility.