2023 Fellow

Ariana Abramson
DivySci Software


Personal Bio

Ariana Abramson, MSc. is the CEO and Founder of DivySci Software, an Artificial Intelligence-based communication company. Her mission is to change behaviors to accelerate equity. Ariana earned a Master of Science in Data Science from Columbia University and has advanced certifications from Columbia and Harvard Business School. At the intersection of her lived experiences as an Afro-Latina Data Scientist, Ariana realized advances in Artificial Intelligence could create true harmony between individuals, especially within the workplace. As founder & CEO of DivySci, Ariana oversees the research and development of the product. Ariana believes that Artificial Intelligence can be built to ensure women of color experience true equity and economic prosperity.

Project Description

DivySci is Changing Behaviors to Accelerate Equity. DivySci is building Novel Natural Language Processing models that contextually reason, classify and explain an individual's use of inclusive and subtle anti-inclusive communication within a conversation. At the core of our technology our research points to the fact that there exist categories of behavioral signaling that indicate one is trying to reach new levels of understanding, form new ideas and build cohesion, which includes: Integrity, Courtesy, and Charisma. By leveraging audio and written inputs and contextual reasoning, we can provide feedback on an individual's daily use of Integrity, Courtesy, and Charisma, to name a few, while identifying anti-inclusive communication signaling. Ultimately, we can help organizations and teams use communication to accelerate positive experiences for everyone involved.