2024 Fellow

Ashley Williams


Personal Bio

Ashley Williams, an educator and emotional wellness advocate with over a decade of experience, has dedicated her career to enhancing happiness and satisfaction for both individuals and organizations. She developed tech startup Clymb to address the mental health challenges of youth in underserved communities. This interactive software provides tailored content designed to elevate emotional intelligence and resilience and lead to improved mental health and academic results. Clymb has received financial investment and guidance from the TEDCO Builder Fund, the state of Maryland’s economic engine for tech companies. Currently, Williams is working to expand Clymb's infrastructure and enhance its cultural relevance to further support student mental well-being. To date, Clymb has reached over 20,000 students and formed partnerships with the American Heart Association, Kaiser Permanente, school districts, and city governments. In recognition of Clymb’s work, the Mayor of Baltimore designated March 20 as “Baltimore Happiness Day.” She is the 2023 recipient of the CentriTech Social Justice Innovation Award and is a Black Ambition Prize winner.

Project Description

Clymb will expand its mental and emotional health software to better serve non-English speaking Latinx children, integrating Spanish language support and developing an AI that understands and responds to culturally specific emotional expressions. This initiative starts with thorough research to grasp the unique challenges faced by this demographic. We'll collaborate with Latinx experts to ensure cultural accuracy in our content, which will include both translated and newly developed materials. Key project phases include refining AI capabilities, piloting the updated platform, and incorporating stakeholder feedback for continuous improvement. Our rollout strategy involves targeted marketing and training sessions for users like schools and therapists. With a focus on user engagement and satisfaction, this project, aiming to reach 5,000 students, will conclude with an impact assessment to guide future expansion.