2023 Fellow

Bri Cornish


Personal Bio

Briane is the current Executive Director at finEQUITY.org; she trained as a lawyer and a public interest technologist. Briane has over 10 years of experience in criminal justice reform and reentry policy. Briane received her Juris Doctorate degree from Stanford University. She previously co-coordinated the development of the following justice tech projects: CleanSlateDC.org, Enarahealth.com, DCRefers.org, and the first launch of the Law4BlackLivesDC.org website.

Project Description

Established in 2019, our mission is to help those who have been impacted by long-term incarceration, mass incarceration and financial exclusion to build their credit profiles as part of their reentry journey. This year, we are focusing on re-imagining what financial justice looks for justice-impacted communities starting with a campaign that all incarcerated persons have their credits and debt frozen.