2021 Fellow

Daquan Oliver


Personal Bio

Daquan J. Oliver is the founder and CEO of WeThrive, a national edtech nonprofit underestimated youth to own their future. Using entrepreneurship as a practice field, youth explore passions, create a real business venture where they earn real revenues as they acquire the skills needed to become future-ready and succeed in tomorrow’s economy. WeThrive works within more than 20 cities and has gained support from major corporations such as AT&T, Microsoft, Fossil, WeWork, and others.

Project Description

WeThrive dismantles economic injustices by directly equipping youth to lead a wave of economic revitalization that is owned and controlled by their communities. WeThrive’s platform leverages best-in-class curriculum and self-guided interactive modules to activate students as changemakers who create real companies, earning real revenues as they build the solutions to lead community transformation. Educators in schools and community organizations execute WeThrive curriculum but also gain the training, support and network to change the culture of their organizations. WeThrive’s native platform for K-12 entrepreneurship education anchors long-term engagement beyond the classroom, as students seize opportunities for skill growth and economic advancement for years after their first exposure to the program.