2024 Fellow

Jerren Chang


Personal Bio

Jerren Chang is the co-founder & CEO of GenUnity - a Boston-based, community leadership nonprofit that brings residents together across difference - from those experiencing a local issue (e.g., Health Equity) to those working in relevant institutions (e.g., hospitals, health insurers) - to build community and drive change. Since the organization launched in 2020, GenUnity has supported ~200 leaders and 100 cross-sector institutions - emerging as a novel, sustainable model to renovate our civic culture. GenUnity has been recognized by the National Civic League, Everyday Democracy, and XPRIZE and covered in local and national media outlets.

Jerren also serves as a board member for Partners in Democracy as well as a Visiting Fellow at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University where he is researching and elevating how mission-driven organizations unlock community-centered innovation.

Project Description

GenUnity envisions ‘A Community By Everyone, For Everyone’. By bringing together residents closest to issues and those in institutions working to address them, GenUnity cultivates civic agency, builds social capital, and unlocks innovation for positive social change. GenUnity’s members have introduced new statewide legislation, changed policies in their workplaces, and organized their neighbors to bridge opportunity gaps and break down systemic barriers.