2024 Fellow

Oscar Wang
College Together


Personal Bio

Oscar Wang is the Founder of College Together. For over a decade, he has been focused on a singular ambition: transforming higher education in America’s poorest major city on behalf of all those who have been undervalued, ignored, or overlooked by traditional institutions and structures.

Oscar serves as the Chair of the Sunday Breakfast Club, Co-Chair of the Post-Secondary Success Collective, and Vice Chair of the Clean Air Council. He is proudly a Claneil Foundation Emerging Leaders Fellow, an alumnus of New Leaders Council, and a graduate of Haverford College.

A California native, Oscar has fallen in love with Philadelphia, has a controversial pick for best cheesesteak in town, and will enthusiastically take anyone on a food/drink/dessert/cultural tour of the city.

Project Description

Traditional higher education options are not working for too many in Philadelphia, where just 10% of high schoolers go on to earn a degree. What if there was a way to combine the best elements of existing institutions – the affordability of community colleges, the flexibility of online classes, and the community found at brick-and-mortar universities – to create an entirely new category of college?

That opportunity endures in College Together, a new “fusion college” model that will enable all Philadelphians to advance their lives with an accessible, relevant, and radically affordable college degree.

We aspire to frame over 1,000 degrees on the walls of Philadelphia homes by 2030, become a top-three college destination for local high school graduates, and change college for all, forever.