2021 Fellow

Tony Weaver, Jr.
Weird Enough Productions


Personal Bio

Tony Weaver, Jr. is an award winning writer and educator creating diverse stories that make young people feel seen and valued. After seeing the impact that media stereotypes had on students in his community, Tony embarked on a journey to create new media narratives that would challenge the status quo. He is the CEO of Weird Enough Productions, where he developed The UnCommons, an award winning webcomic with over 800,000 readers. In 2018, Tony made history as the first comic writer to ever be selected for the Forbes “30 Under 30.” He was named a History Shaker by Coca Cola, a Global Barrier Breaker by Marriott International, and a Champion for Change by CNN.

Project Description

Get Media LIT is an edtech tool that uses comic books for social emotional learning and antiracism for students grades 4-12. Get Media LIT’s high-impact lesson plans foster greater self-awareness, social responsibility, and agency while strengthening readership and vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes of use every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Teachers can guide their students through curated lesson playlists, or mix and match lessons to create unique playlists for a tailored classroom experience. The app contains a library of hundreds of comics featuring The UnCommons in vignettes of their everyday lives as superheroes, faced with decisions ranging from the mundane to the world-altering.