2024 Fellow

Trinity Tran
California Public Banking Alliance


Personal Bio

Trinity Tran is the co-founder and lead organizer of the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA) and Public Bank Los Angeles (PBLA). As a CPBA founding member, Trinity spearheaded the coalition behind the passage of the California Public Banking Act—the first bill in the nation enabling municipalities to form public banks. The CPBA is working to establish socially and environmentally responsible public banks across the state. She led the passage of the California Public Banking Option Act (CalAccount) at the end of 2021, endorsed by over 250 organizations. As the Executive Director of Urban Partners LA (UPLA), Trinity oversees one of California's largest walk-up food banks. Trinity's achievements earned recognition in the United States Congressional Record, the California State Assembly, and the Los Angeles Times.

Project Description

Under the California Public Banking Act, we pioneered a legal framework for cities and regions to establish their own banks. We’re currently collaborating with local governments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the East Bay, Sacramento, and the Central Coast, in public bank formations. These cities, having passed local legislation are in the initial planning stages, seeking state and federal regulatory approvals. In 2021, we passed the California Public Banking Option Act, initiating CalAccount's creation, a state program offering free debit cards for all Californians, especially nearly 10 million unbanked individuals. The CalAccount Blue Ribbon Commission, under the State Treasurer’s office, is conducting a market analysis. We’re closely monitoring and guiding the progress to ensure the successful implementation of CalAccount, the nation’s first universal banking program.