Roddenberry Fellowship Update

In the past 6 months, we have had the honor of reading almost 3000 applications that were submitted for this year’s inaugural Roddenberry Fellowship. These applications highlighted the powerful, impactful work that is being done across the country by a deeply committed group of activists, organizers, and change makers.

Over the past few months, we’ve had the support of over fifty evaluators and our panel of 23 judges to make the difficult decisions with regard to which of the individuals who applied will fill the twenty spots in next year’s Fellowship cohort. We can’t emphasize enough how difficult a decision it was given the potential for impact, commitment, and deep community connections that we saw in the applications.  

This week, we sent emails to all second round candidates. Twenty emails went to potential fellows to invite them to join the cohort. We are thrilled with the breadth, depth, and potential impact of the work represented by these individuals. We will be sharing the final cohort the week of December 12th.

While we are excitedly preparing for the Fellowship to begin in January 2018, we are also working on ways to support and connect all individuals who applied. We don’t take lightly the time, energy, and work that went into the applications and hope that this is just the beginning of a broader conversation and intentional collaborations.

So stay tuned for the announcement of the twenty Roddenberry Fellows the week of Dec 12, as well as ways for folks who applied to continue to engage, collaborate, and connect around creating a diverse, optimistic future together.